Best Seller Product Report

Best-selling Products Report is a tool to rank best-selling products. Updated best-selling products from time to time. Let stores increase their sales opportunities Plan better inventory management, which reports the best-selling products that rank the store’s products. Let store owners know which products are being sold the most. 

1. Go to the menu E-Commerce

2. Go to menu “Report” > “Best Selling Report

3. Users can choose to view the best-selling product report information as follows:.

    3.1 Time period

  • Last 7 days 
  • This month
  • Last month
  • This year
  • Period

3.2   Sort by

  • Product sales (highest)
  • Product sales (minimum)
  • Quantity sold (maximum)
  • Quantity sold (minimum)

    3.3 Category: The system displays information on product categories that have been created.

4. Click on the button Search

5. If you want to export the sales report as an Excel file, click on the button “Export to Excel

6. If you want to view details of the purchase order number, click on the Magnifying glass icon