Business Information Settings

The system will pull this information and display it at the top of the purchase order. It also helps in printing shipping labels for product delivery, so the store owner doesn’t have to sit and print them. Make it more convenient and faster to deliver by setting up business information that consists of:

  • General information 
  • Contact information
  • Shop address

Steps for setting up business information

1. Go to the Site Settings > Business info setting

2. Fill in general information: shop name 

3. Click on the button “Browse to upload the website logo and favicon image

4. Fill in contact information, e-mail, telephone number, and fax. If a customer contacts us through the contact system, form system or orders a product. Information will be notified to the email address entered.

5. Click on the button New Addressto add store address

6. The system displays a Modal for users to fill in information, consisting of:

  • Name-Last name/Company name
  • Tax ID
  • Taxpayer type
  • address
  • country
  • zip code
  • province
  • District/District
  • Subdistrict/subdistrict
  • Telephone number
  • Address label attached

7. When the user clicks on the buttonSave the system will save business information according to the user’s address.