Editor Tool

Editor Tool
1. Website Language

    Users can choose the language they want to use while creating their website. The number of languages ​​available depends on the website package. And users can customize the site by language, for example, Indonesian has more content on the website page than English.

2. Undo / Redo tool

  • Users can click on the ↶ icon to undo or return the website to the previous step.
  • Users can click on the ↷ icon to go to the last step (Redo). When they click, they want to go back to the last step.
  • Users can click on the Undo / Redo icon until the screen is refreshed.

3. Save tool. Normally, the system will automatically save every step every 10 seconds. If users can save changes on the website themselves, they can click on the button Save” 

4. Preview & Publish button if you want to view the website page after making design changes, click on the button Preview and when satisfied with the website that has been designed, you can click on the buttonPublish