Event Popup

If your brand holds certain events that require massive publicity, you can also do this through the website. MakeWebEasy platform has an event pop-up feature that allows you to make announcements regarding the events you create. You can also use this feature for announcements such as discounts or others. How to use it is as follows:

  1. Go to the  Event Popup” menu .
  2. Click the  +Event Popup button.
  3. Set the event name (Event Pop-Up Name).
  4. Click button  Choose a Template.
  5. The system will display a pop-up showing a selection of templates to use. You can choose the template as you wish.
  6. Click the Use Templatebutton to use the template .
  7. The system will display a preview of the selected template.
  8. You can choose to change the pop-up layout by clicking the  Change Layout button.
  9. Select the desired layout.
  10. Click the Browse button to select the desired banner image.
  11. Select the desired image, then click the Add Image button.
  12. Click on the  Color Box to select the desired background color.
  13. Click the Done button to complete the job.
  14. You can also add elements to the banner by clicking the  Add Element button .
  15. Select the elements you want to add.
  16. If you add the Text element, then the system will provide the option to fill in the text details.
  17. Click Done button to complete the job.
  18. If you have enabled the Subscription feature, then it can set a thank you message to the audience in the page settings.
  19. Click the Add Form Elements button .
  20. Fill in the details of the message by saying Thank You to the audience.
  21. Select the pop-up display on the website page. You can select the entire website or select just the home page.
  22. You can also set the display date/time.
  23. Click the Save button to save the entire work.

    Event Pop-Up Display Results