Marketing Integrations

MakeWebEasy platform has a marketing integration feature that supports coding from multiple sources to be connected to a website platform. 

  1. Go to the SEO & Marketing menu .
  2. Click on the Marketing Integrations menu .
  3. The system will display various integration features that can be used to connect to the website, consisting of:

    • Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to update tags on your website quickly and easily. You can monitor traffic analysis and marketing optimization using Google Tag Manager.
    • Google Analytics is a tool from Google that is used to analyze and store all information about websites. Google Analytics is able to measure deeper statistics related to websites and makes it easier for you to determine advanced marketing strategies that influence business development.
    • Facebook Pixel is a tool from Facebook that is used to connect Facebook to websites. Usually, Facebook Pixel is used to track the usage behavior of audiences (consumers) to be able to determine market segmentation groups in marketing/advertising activities.
    • Facebook Domain Verify is a tool used to manage user privacy and data usage.
    • LINE Tag is a collection of basic codes connected to the official LINE account, which is used to track and measure the number of web visitors.
    • TikTok Pixel is a tool from TikTok that is used to view audience (consumer) behavior on TikTok. Its function is similar to Facebook Pixel in that it can help you run ads.
    • Twitter Universal Website Tag is a collection of code used to view your website advertising results on Twitter accurately and precisely.