Multi-Language Settings

MakeWebEasy system makes an online store or corporate organization more credible, by opening up business opportunities and supporting multilingual customers with up to 15 languages on the website (depending on the customer’s package). Here are the steps to add the language system of the website:

1. Go to the menu Site Settings

2. Go to the menu Multi-language settings

3. The system will display the default language that the website owner has selected from the beginning.

4. If you want to add a language click on the button Add language” 

5. Select the language you want to add.

6. Click on the buttonSave” 

7. Wait for the system to add the selected language.

8. When finished, you’ll have the language system that you’ve added come up at the end. If you want to change to the original language of the web, let the check mark be selected as the original language.