Optimization on Products

Filling in SEO for products will help product listings appear in search results on Google when users search for keywords or search terms related to the product.

1. Go to the “Product menu.

2. Click menu All Product”.

3. Click on the edit iconas shown in the image to adjust the product SEO.

4. Scroll down to the product SEO section. Then fill in the information (If you don’t fill it in, the system will automatically pull the information from the product details) and press save.

  •  Title tag; The name of the web page. Will be displayed at the top of the web browser. The recommended length is 60 characters.
  • Description; Describes in detail the contents of the website and what the website is about. The recommended length is 150 characters.
  • Keywords; Enter search terms in Google to match the website’s target audience. Keywords must be consistent with the content on the website.
  • Custom URL; Set the product page link URL name.
  • Preview