Sales Tax Report

Sales tax report are applicable entrepreneurs registered for Value Added Tax (VAT)

1. Go to the menu E-Commerce

2. Go to menuReport” > “Tax Report” 

3. Users can input the tax invoice number, purchase order number, and buyer’s name to search for information.

4. You can choose the time period for viewing the sales tax report as follows:

  • This week 
  • This month 
  • last month
  • This year
  • Date range

5. Click on the button Search”,  the system will display the searched tax information

6. Click on the button Export to ExcelExport purchase report to Excel file

7. Click “Printer icon to print the customer’s tax invoice document

8. The system displays Modal to select the receipt format as follows.

  • Print receipt/invoice (original)
  • Print receipt/tax invoice (copy)

9. When clicking the button Print”  The system displays the receipt/tax invoice file.

                                            Example of displaying a receipt/tax invoice