System 301 Redirect

301 Redirect is the permanent redirection of one URL to another. Doing a 301 Redirect will make Google understand that the new URL has existed before. And it is also beneficial to SEO scores.

1. Go to the menu bar Site Settings” 

2. Go to System Management “301 Redirect

3. Click on the button “Add Redirect

4. Add the old URL and the new URL.

5. Click on the button Save

6. Multiple links can be added at once by clicking on the button Import

7. Click on “Template File”  to download the template file

8. Click the button Browseand upload the file with the URL completed

9. Click the buttonUpload

10. The system will display the number of URLs in the file and if there are invalid URLs, it will also be notified. Then click on the button “Import Redirects