Creating a Website

You only need a few steps to complete the guide and set up your own website. Make sure you have an email, Facebook, or Google account for registering your website on MakeWebEasy.

Ready? Let’s get started…

1. Go to and click Create Free Website in the top right corner of the page

2. You can use either your email, Facebook, or Google account to create an account here

3. Register via email – enter your email address, password, and confirmed password, then click Sign up

4. Enter your Firstname, Lastname, Phone number, and Subdomain

5. Choose your main language English / Bahasa Indonesia / ภาษาไทย

6. Click Create

7. Please wait a few moments as we build your website

8. After the process is completed (100%), MakeWebEasy provides various ready-to-use templates for your specific needs

9. Click Preview to see overall design of the selected template

10. Click Choose to confirm the selected template

11. It’s time to customize your website with your own content and images