Add Album

Website owners can create photo albums (Gallery) on the website by following these steps:

1. Go to the Albummenu.

2. Click on the menu Add new album”.

3. Enter the name of the photo album and description.

4. Click the button Add images”.

5. Select the desired picture then click on the button “Add Image”.

6. Click on Settings to choose the arrangement of photos in the album.

7. Select the desired format for uploading photos to the album.

8. Click on the Savebutton.

9. If you want to use a picture as an album cover, go to the desired album picture. Then click on cover”.

10. You can sort pictures by filling in the desired numbers.

11. Click on the Sortbutton.

12. Modal display system confirms album photo sorting. Click on the OKbutton.

13. Select the desired album category. If there is no album category, you can click on the button Create a new category or add an album category at the URL to create an album category.

14. Add desired tags to help in searching within the website, including in SEO rankings.

15. Click on the Savebutton.

Album display results


Tips: Users can display the created album on the website by adding widgets in the Album section.