Coupon Promotion

Discount coupon system helps create campaigns to place orders for customers. Shop owners can choose their target audience. The promotional period is up to determining the number of coupon uses. This can be managed as follows:

1. Enter the menu “E-Commerce

2. Click “Discount Coupon

3. Click “Add Coupon” button

4. Set the coupon name.

5. Click the “Generate Code” button so that the system will create a coupon code, or if it already exists, you can write it down.

6. Select the coupon discount conditions that have been provided by the system as follows:

  • Discount IDR Y
  • Diskon Y%
  • Free Shipping
  • For every purchase in multiples of Rp
  • Minimum purchase IDR X discount IDR Y
  • Minimum purchase Rp.
  • Total purchase IDR X free shipping
  • For every product purchase of multiples of X items, a discount of IDR Y
  • Minimum product purchase of X items, discount IDR Y
  • Minimum product purchase of X items, Y% discount
  • Purchase product X items, free shipping

7. Can it be used with other types of promotions?

8. Determine the rights of customers who can use the promotion, whether guests, members, and/or new store members.

9. Determine the promo usage limit (specify quantity or select unlimited).

10. Set promotional periods. If an end date has not been specified, click No expiration date.

11. Select the products you want to promote, whether it is all products, products in certain categories. or define a list of products

12. Click “Save”.


If you want the coupon to be displayed on the website, go to the menu Add Section by selecting the section as the Coupon format.