Website Language Setting

Website language system can support up to 15 languages ​​on the website depending on the customer’s package. To add languages into your website system, you can follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Manage

2. Select Site Settings > Multi-Language Settings

3. Click on the + Add language button

4. Select the language you want to add

5. Click the Save button

6. Wait for the system to add the selected language

7. When finished, the notification will appear. In case you want to change to the default language of the website, leave a tick mark as the default language. (The language system will provide only systematic information. The information on the customer’s side must be filled in in that language)

Multi-language selection on the web page

Additional instructions: after you finish setting up the language system, you must turn on the language selection system on the website page so that customers or website visitors can choose the language they want to use. You can do it by customizing the set menu, logo, and widgets