Wholesale Price Management

Wholesale product management allows online stores to sell wholesale products. For example, if a customer buys 1 item, they will be charged with the normal price, but if they buy 3 pieces or more, they will be charged with wholesale price per piece. It can be managed as follows:

1. Navigate to Manage

2. Select Product > Wholesale price

3. Select the product you want to sell as wholesale by clicking on the icon as in the picture

4. Turn on the wholesale price

5. Enter the number of pieces that wholesale unit

6. Enter the number of wholesale/piece, for example, a purchase price of 69 baht one piece, but buy 3 or more items the price would be 59 baht per piece

7. Click the Save button

Additional instructions: in case of additional conditions for the wholesale price, click on + Add conditions button

The wholesale price on the product details page