About Us

ClickNext Co., Ltd

The leader in website & online marketing services and comprehensive SMS marketing for all business types, From small to large, Through persistent technological advancement.


  • Established in 2007
    MakeWebEasy was founded in 2007 to assist SME in building online stores in a more cost-effective and convenient manner.
  • Domain .th 2008
    Official support for .th domain registration to facilitate entrepreneurs in conducting online business.
  • Additional servers 2009
    Servers added in foreign countries to increase the capabilities of customers conducting business in overseas.
  • MakeWebEasy.com 2010
    Change of domain name from MakeWebEZ.com to MakeWebEasy.com to increase brand memorability.
  • Online Payment Channels 2011
    Included Counter Service in addition to the existing payment channel of paying by credit cards.
  • Facebook Application 2012
    Application developed to turn a normal Facebook Fanpage into a substitute for an online store.
  • Booking 2013
    Online room reservation system developed for hospitality businesses with a focus on speed and convenience for their customers.
  • MakeWebEasy Plus 2014
    MakeWebEasy Plus developed: an innovative website management system that allows for the easy creation of unique and stylish websites supporting businesses of all types.
  • Responsive Design 2015 - Present
    Responsive Web Design revealed: a system allowing websites to support all display types in all devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets and PC).

Our Mission

To deliver comprehensive online services that will help entrepreneurs in achieving success in online business under a low budget yet with good service. To enhance our client’s online capability, we support them under three directives:

Web Platform

Flexible MakeWebEasy instant website system which supports simple as well as advanced websites.


Standard templates and website design services on the level of popular web agencies, Offering entrepreneurs much needed credibility.

Digital Marketing

A website system that doesn’t function only as a website creator – after all, The best system is a system that promotes the success of the business.

Our Team

We are part of the new generation that focus on software development, online marketing knowledge design and comprehensive website services. We are committed to developing and researching new technologies in order to further improve our service and deliver positive results to our clients with these 5 letters:

Cloud Infastructure

Infrastructure that can support expansion and a large number of clients.

Professional Clean Design

Our professional design team that focuses not only on beauty but also on designs that will help you sell more.

Outstanding Service

Serving our customer is our joy. We are always ready to offer advice like a long- term partner.

Web Builder Platform

A smart website system that is more innovative than generic instant website systems, comparable to existing world-class systems.


Be confident that MakeWebEasy’s website system is highly secure. Never worry about attacks on your website.

A Team From The New Generation, With More Than 70 People.

We are committed to ensure that you will receive a website service beyond your expectations.

Supayot Sirichamroonvit
Managing Director
Auttakorn Wandee
Senior Application Programmer
Nitipol Laopiam
Ux Designer
Kamonchanok Adirektanasan
Business Analyst
Janjira Numprasert
Sales Manager
Namfon Plengpanich
Assistant Sales Manager
Kamolthip Thumwisetsri
Website Experts
Chanuwat Chaengkrachang
Senior Graphic Designer
Punnapa Tannakonkun
Website Coordinator
Siripak Noppamak
Customer Support
Karun Sae-tang
Content Marketing
Nuttapong Triwicha
Online Advertising Specialist
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