Website Update

For the convenience of the website owner with our professional service

website update

Loss of online presence

website update

Undesirable ranking on Google

website update

Loss of credibility

Website Update Services

Details 3 months 6 months 12 months


$330 $660 $1,320

Product Update

50 items 100 items 300 items


10 news/content 25 news/content 60 news/content

Photo Update

(Includes color retouch but not di-cut services)
100 photos 250 photos 700 photos

Number of Updates

3 times 6 times 12 times

Additional Web Page

- - 2 pages
*Not inclusive of 7% VAT

Update Process

step 1

1. Information Preparation

The clients prepares the information that they want published on the website.

step 2

2. Update

Our team will check the information and update the information on the website.

step 3

3. Information Check

Our team will email the URL of the updated website to the client for quality checking on an agreed upon date.

step 4

4. Confirm

Client emails a confirmation as a confirmation of completion for each update.

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