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Start only from 79$ per year, 0.21$ per day

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An Instant Website, easily customized in a few steps – be it for E-Commerce, online stores, institutions, organizations, companies or persons. An after-sale service team will care for your site throughout its life. Choose a suitable price that matches your budget and a format demanded by your business. Website fees are paid yearly, with no monthly or hidden fees. Fees include .com .net domain name and site hosting.

Sample for The Website are Divided According to The Package


Website price 79$ annually, 0.21$ per day. (Suitable for website which mainly based on information)


113$ annually , 0.31$ per day. Website template suitable for small E-Commerce, and corporate.


182$ annually, 0.49$ per day. Suitable for medium size E-Commerce, and corporate.


280$ annually. 0.76$ per day. Website template suitable for big E-Commerce, and corporate.


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